WIP-it Wednesday: November 4th, 2015

Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

There’s new fiction on the way for Aethereal Engines this Saturday! During the three days leading up to Halloween, I found some time to write more than snippets here and there, completing a new short story called Elanni. I was inspired to write it by a prompt and challenge on a writers group I frequent. It ended up being a little too long to be a proper entry into the contest, but I shared it anyways at the last minute Sunday after working in some edits and additions. I wrote it for fun, the story having grown in my head as I read the contest entries last week.

For me, it’s a win just to get a story done after the massive disruption the move to my new house has caused me. It really feels like I’m getting back into gear after finishing Elanni, and crafting it in my writer’s den (in progress) really helped it to feel like “home” and not some foreign space.

I think the story turned out well too! I wrote it with an eye towards sword and sorcery fantasy… with a few twists that readers seem to have enjoyed so far. So what’s it about? Well, here is the first page as a sample:

Photograph courtesy of the talented Kristina Rutšjevskaja, used and modified by the author with her permission.

Elanni reclined on the layered animal pelts that covered her floor by the fire. Twilight had almost surrendered to the night, filling the cabin with thick shadow and darkness that wavered in the red light of the hearth. In the silence she sipped tea from a bowl between graceful palms, and patterns of ember-light danced across the slim curves of her unclothed body.

The rap across her barred door was loud and forceful enough that she choked on her drink before forcing it down with a hard gulp.

“I seek audience with the devil-blooded witch Elanni!” boomed the resonant voice of a man outside her door.

The woman on the floor set aside the small bowl she held and cast an angry gaze over a bare shoulder. “You’ll wish you hadn’t if you rap my door again! Go away!”

Three swift knocks shook the oaken door that had turned aside hungry bears and dire wolves. “I’m not leaving.”

Elanni coughed and wiped her chin. “You have the wrong cabin! Find the other one!”

“Yours is the only one on this mountain, Witch!”

With an annoyed growl she rose, and the flames of her hearth flared on the fuel of her anger. Snatching a limp robe from where it hung on a wooden peg, she thrust her arms into the sleeves of the grey garment and tied it around her hourglass waist. Scowling as her bare feet touched the cold wooden planks leading to the door, a swipe with her hands to either side lit every torch and standing candle in the cabin.

“You’re either very brave or very stupid,” Elanni said in a piqued and smokey voice. She then draped the hood of her robe over a shadowed face, “For your sake you had better be very rich as well!”

The witch grabbed the stout wooden bar securing the entrance with twice the strength of any man, lifting it from the brackets easily. With a thud she leaned it against the wall before yanking an iron handle to throw the door open with a bang.

“What!” her shout echoed through the dark mountain forest of drab autumn colors and patchy snow.

The glare intended to intimidate the man who dared disturb her exile fell instead on the battered steel of his breastplate. Slowly lifting her nose, Elanni finally saw the face of his great helm staring down from where it rested loftily above her forehead.

“I seek to negotiate a contract with you,” a bass voice echoed within the helmet.


I’ll be posting the full story up on Aethereal Engines this Saturday if you would like to read the whole thing… And I hope you do! ;-)

Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some more fiction! Take care!



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