NOT a WIP-it Wednesday! March 9th, 2016



Tomorrow is my last day with my current employer before being laid off along with a significant portion of their IT department. It’s restructuring, and I’ve known this was coming for six months. It’s not a surprise, but it’s still been a stressful week wrapping things up and winding them down…  My schedule has been sadly bereft of any productive writing.

Not having time to write won’t be a concern after Thursday, however. While I don’t have another job immediately lined up, the company is being very generous with severance and insurance. I’m basically set for the next twelve weeks while I look for work, and that’s no small boon. Sharing my updated résumé and job hunting will commence immediately, but I’m already scheduling myself daily time to write as well.

And walking! Now that spring has begun in my corner of the planet, I’m anxious to explore the park and miles of walking trails literally in the backyard of my new home! Morning constitutionals will be so welcomed and good for my body and soul. :-)

Keeping it casual on the last Friday...
Keeping it casual on the last Friday…

Yet, I’m going to miss my old job. It’s been great, and in doing it I’ve gotten to meet wonderful, dedicated people. It has been a sad time because no one around me wants us to go.

I smile, but I’ll admit that some days that takes effort. Life is changing, I’m changing… the best thing I can do is look forward with a smile. Anger at this shift in life path won’t do anything but harm the co-workers and friends that I respect and who are as powerless as I. They are borne from me on a different tide now, and yelling at the sea is an argument I will always lose.

Instead, I’ve chosen to simply be myself; bringing cheer to a gloomy room on every day that I can. I’m going to leave this workplace a wiser, stronger man. I’m going to leave it with a smile on my face, love in my heart and a spring in my step as I look towards the future. I’ve got so much to strive for as my dreams of becoming a successful writer keep progressing closer to reality.

And I say hey, yeah, yeah, yeah yay…

That’s why the bald man donned his red bow-tie to teach the last batch of new hires he will see. He showed them the ins and outs of their new corporate IT with a smile. Those kids from Singapore thought I was the best presenter ever, even before I explained our internet usage policy dancing to “Hey Yeah He-Man” up on the projector.

It was then that I became a Legend.

See you next week with an actual writing update! ;-) Until then, take care… and always take time to love and laugh!


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