Music Inspired by The Brynesmark! Paul Matthis – The Hollowman Come

The extremely talented Paul Matthis composed and preformed this wonderful pirate sea shanty as part of a contest, with it’s a cappella lyrics directly inspired by The Brynesmark! Here is how Paul first introduced his composition:

“Ahoy! This here be an old’n but a good’n, sung ’round these parts fer, ach, bugger all if anyone knows how long! A short haul shanty from long past, sung still by sailors ‘n buccaneers oft while aweighin’ anchor: Better aweigh them anchor, lads, or the Hollowman may get ye! A silly, superstitious lot, sailors be, but aye, ha’en’t they always been? So this here be focusin’ on a character out o’ the Brynesmark yarn, o’ course, and much o’ the details be likely lost through the centuries, though still ye may be keepin’ yer good eye on the horizon fer spoilarrrrrs.”

Needless to say, he won the contest. ;-)

Hearing Paul’s song for the first time was an AMAZING moment for me. I was deeply touched because my dream as a writer is to make tales that can travel from my imagination and live in others. The moment I heard this music, I knew that I had done that for Paul. He took my story, breathed his own self and life into it, and sang it into another form.

And there it was… Alive in the Aether. Singing its heart out. A story thriving outside of its creator.

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful gift as well!

~Jason H. Abbott.





“The Brynesmark” is Copyright © 2016 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved. “The Hollowman Come” is Copyright © 2016 by Paul Matthis, All Rights Reserved. This collaboration is distributed and made available by the mutual consent of both authors.

2 thoughts on “Music Inspired by The Brynesmark! Paul Matthis – The Hollowman Come

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  1. Wow, loved the song! And I can just imagine how awesome it is to have someone enjoy your work so much it inspires them to create something. I think all writers, myself included, aspire to such things!


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