WIP-it Wednesday: September 14th, 2016

For those who have been enjoying the artwork I’ve been creating for Viv’s Last as a sister project, I cooked-up another parody/tribute to a certain punk album…

Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

Vivian’s Last Cigarette has surpassed forty-three-thousand words and reached the start of chapter thirteen as of this morning. I’m excited, maybe even a little nervous, as the milestone moment of reaching fifty-thousand words and crossing the threshold into official novel territory approaches.

In terms of word-count, I’ve written more words towards my story compilation so far. Even when the final tally of Viv’s is known, I believe it will sail far under the level I’ve reached there. However, the short story collection is exactly that: A number of short narratives with none of them individually over twenty-thousand words long at this point.

Viv’s Last is going to be my first novel. As such, it’s the longest narrative I’ve written so far and that has come with a number of challenges. Most of these have revolved around maintaining plot-pace and momentum. I’m guarded about it, but I do think I’ve handled those potential problems pretty well for a first-timer. :-) Looking beyond the finish line of ending the first draft, the next big challenge will be alpha and beta read edits. Yet even then, my biggest concern is the logistics of editing four times more material than any prior project I’ve done before… not that it won’t go well.

But enough about forward-looking planning! This week I wrote chapter twelve! In its final paragraphs, I set the climax of the book into motion… I suspect writing that climax might take two or possibly three chapters, to be followed by a couple chapters of falling action before ending the story.

In addition to simply writing chapter twelve, I also dipped back into prior chapters with a few spots of editing. That added some word-count here and there, but mostly it was polish and reworking things with hindsight now that I’m writing the last chapters.

Editing is awesome. I love how it allows me to work-in good ideas that I have late in the creative process and integrate them seamlessly to form a new whole.

One of those good ideas I had involved the mechanics of how my orcish protagonists’ nightvision works. It’s not a huge revelation, but it has become minor plot point adding some detail and occasional challenge for them starting in chapter twelve. Not surprisingly, the climax of the story takes place at night, making this pretty relevant. ;-)

I’ll end this with a snippet from my WIP as usual, however be aware that tomorrow I’ll be sharing another snippet along with some nostalgic music (that isn’t of the punk variety) connected to it! :-) Also, I want to mention that although I’m now writing chapter thirteen with three or four more chapters to go after that… I won’t be sharing any snippets from beyond chapter ten.

The reason is simple: Those chapters will contain the climax of the story, and it’ll be really hard to share anything from them that won’t be a SPOILER.

But it’s not like I don’t have plenty to share from the first two-thirds of the book. ;-) Like this little bit that opens chapter two…

(Warning: NSFW language and first draft snippets ahead!)

snip_14sep16Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some more fiction! Take care!


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