Art-Tastic Tuesday: Dragonforge by Matthew Stewart

Dragonforge by Matthew StewartClick the picture below for full-size. On Art-Tastic Tuesdays I feature a selected piece of visual art that I have come across. These are pieces that have inspired my writing or beautifully frame some concept or another that I have already written or want to write about. I present them without commentary so they may inspire you without the burden of my perspective, and pictures have links to the artists’ blog or website if at all possible.

If you are ever curious as to why a particular piece is special to me, or use it for a writing prompt and want to share, please drop a comment!

Dragonforge by Matthew Stewart
Dragonforge by Matthew Stewart. Click here for more of the artist’s work!

5 thoughts on “Art-Tastic Tuesday: Dragonforge by Matthew Stewart

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      1. Well, I’m working up a…thing–I’m not sure what to call it–but sort of a blogging convo on social media for everyone I’m in contact with online, especially writers. I want to get together and pool our knowledge–what works, what doesn’t.

        Anyway, if you’re interested, I’ll be starting next week, and there’ll be a week on Pinterest. Might be helpful.

        I don’t actually know how it’ll turn out because I haven’t done anything like this yet. But I’m hopeful. :)

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