Sunday Special: Music for Writing Mighty Melees!

The ever awesome author D. Wallace Peach commented on my latest Epic Music Monday post earlier this week and let me know that she was in need of more for battle writing music. Seeing a fellow author in want of epic music for writing is a call to action too great for me to ignore, so I swiftly promised to send her a selection of my favorites.

The result is the following playlist of music I deem fit for imagining mighty melees and writing them! I’ve done my best disk jockeying to arrange these into an order that hopefully sounds good as a whole. Enjoy!

1. Two Steps From Hell – Flameheart

2. E.S. Posthumus – Kuvera

3. The 13 Brotherhood – Martyr Complex

4. Immediate Music – Fatum Plebis

5. Two Steps From Hell – Tristan

6. Twin Scoring Studio – Call to Freedom

7. Epic Score – Their Fight is Our Fight

8. Two Steps From Hell – Hypnotica

9. Two Steps From Hell – Velocitron

10. Unstoppable Music – Fight To Win

2 thoughts on “Sunday Special: Music for Writing Mighty Melees!

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  1. Totally awesome, Jason! Thanks so much for pulling this together. I write lots of battle scenes and I really do think that the music draws out the intensity. I wish I was actually writing something new now, but they’re just as effective while editing. I have Kuvera on right now. It’s perfect. I’ll listen to the rest today and create my battle playlist. Yay!

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