Throwback Thursday: ‘Barbarian’, by Daniel R. Horne (1988)

‘Barbarian’, by Daniel R. Horne (1988).

This fantastic piece by Daniel R. Horne graced the cover of Dragon Magazine 133, released in May of 1988. I’ve loved the classic sword and sorcery feel of Horne’s work here since retrieving that issue from my old mailbox and removing the brown paper wrapper it was shipped in. I became a fan of Conan the Barbarian stories back when I was a kid, and this piece calls back to the classic feel of danger and adventure evoked by them.

Officially, I don’t think this artwork has a title. When it was introduced, the editorial staff of Dragon ran an open call for readers to submit their own suggestions regarding what to name it. These were published a few months later, and I do believe my favorites were, “Tag! You’re It!” and “Conan the Orthodontist”. ;-)

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