Mid-Week Muses: “We ain’t cute, as Exers go…” (Opossum Cycle)

mwm_pngA weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

I’m experimenting with something new, and this week all my musings are focused on a trio of characters and a situation from my Exerverse setting. Next week will feature a different overarching theme.

"Open up, ya need to

He weakly touched his
snout. "I'm... exed?"

Ruth lifted a spoon of
broth. "Yup. Welcome
to the zoo." 

Wiith the gusto of a
five year-old possum
girl, Molly climbed
high into the tree.
"Come up!"

Tim baulked.

"Try! Use your new

Ruth lit the lamp and
soft kerosene light
filled the kitchen.
"Humans? Ain't many
left. Mostly Exers
like Molly, you and me

Tim tugged his union
suit. "I feel silly."

Ruth pointed to her
suit's backflap, and
her hanging tail. "This
is handy, possum-boy."

He studied his old human
face on the ID card.

"We ain't cute, as exers
go," Ruth said. "But if I
squint you ain't half bad."

"Come hang!" Molly laughed.

"It's good for the soul," Ruth

His tail hooked the branch.
Swaying upended, they became
a family

Tim looked nervous. "I've
got a, weird, double thing
down there."

Ruth's laugh was unexpected.
"Hon, possums are double

Walking to Tim through grass
covered in morning dew, Ruth
hugged him.

Molly groaned at the sight,
lifting her pole. "Come on,
can we get to catfishin'?"

Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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