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Daniel Cann is a talented fifteen-year-old that has already written drafts for two out of three books of a planned fantasy trilogy, and also dreams of composing epic music. When I was fifteen, I could hardly get my friends together to play D&D, so I find his ambitions pretty impressive! We obviously share some passions in common that are common topics on my blog as well, so when Daniel wrote and asked me nicely if I could help with his Kickstarter I was happy to do so.

Daniel is trying to raise a modest amount of money to purchase professional music software. With it, he wants to compose an album inspired by fantasy works he has read and written himself. If you’d like to help a young artist with a lot of heart in getting started, please check out this Kickstarter Page and consider pledging a little. There are only nine days left for Daniel to reach his goal of £160 (or about $208), and your donation could be the one that puts him over the top!