Mid-Week Muses: “Four Billion Years of Regression Hit the Time Traveler”

mwm_pngA weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

"Alright Ede, time to sneak-"
"Ede, you need to-"
"Oh, we're so caught already..."

They took his child away.
They killed his wife. And
after decades of war to stop
them, he now faced the son
he never knew in battle.

Four billion years of regression
hit the time traveler. Her
bare form became primordial
ooze, and she the mother of
all life

Clair warmed a cold crab
rangoon with her electric
touch, then looked to
Camden coyly. "Your turn.
Tell me about your powers."

He pulled her out of focus.
She became a blur, then a
smear on the background...
then she never existed at

She set the cruising shuttle
to autopilot. Then her
hopeful eyes turned to his
and guided a hand to her
pregnant waist.

The trio were again alone
in the room.

"Is it a Death-Note?" her brother
asked beside Tim.

She jotted a couple changes
to his entry in the
notebook. "No, it doesn't

"Then what's it do?" Her
sister asked holding
Tim's hand.

Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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