Flash Fiction Feature: Saurians and Six-Shooters

Rebel Roy leaned back before his steampowered prosthetic arm loosed a hiss, then threw a haymaker punch into the mouth of a snapping deinonychus.

He shouted as the blow sent the dinosaur careening into one of its packmates. “They’re ornery, Miss!”

Molly unholstered the ray-gun from her frock, and the intrepid inventress took aim. “Get outta the way, you damned lummox!”

The cowboy lost his hat dodging the ray of heat that flashed out of the bulbous pistol. Barely missing Roy, Molly drained the last drops of power from the gun’s condenser in a screeching, seconds long burst that set two deinonychuses ablaze.

Roy grabbed his singed hat as the rest of the pack fled. Batting out a flame on its brim, he eyed Molly and her spent, sparking gun. “Lummox, huh? Well, at least I can shoot straight, Miss! I felt safer ridin’ in Pickett’s Charge than with you wavin’ that blasted thing around!”

Molly holstered the weapon and lifted her goggles onto her riding hat. “Are we going to refight the Battle of Gettysburg now, Sir? Or shall we rescue my father and the airship before those saurian savages tear them both apart?”

His grey mustache bristled as Molly turned her back to him and started down the path in a huff. Dumping spent bullets out of his Peacemaker revolver, Roy began to reload it following the young woman’s lead.

“You’re as pretty as your Ma, an’ as smart as your Pa,” he said sliding fresh bullets into the gun. “An’ as sassy as both of ‘em put together… Miss Molly, you’re all right!”

Savage Worlds Deadlands Cover, by Sebastien-Ecosse. Click here for more of the artist’s work!

Text is Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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    1. Actually, no… I found the image after I wrote this. :-) But I do have a soft-spot for steampunk (thanks to a love of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells ), cowboys and dinosaurs. :-D This little world here is a result of mixing all of that.

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