“Hey. What’s going on?”

Hey there true believers and other awesome folks reading this!

As many of you have likely noticed, I’ve made some changes to the blog this week. To start, I’ve decided to retire the Photo Finish Friday and Mid-Week Muses features. In the case of Photo Finish Friday, I felt that the feature was getting stale and its weekly slot would be better utilized for more of my original content.

Mid-Week Muses, on the other hand, isn’t really gone so much as I’ve decided to present its microfiction individually as Morning Microfictions in a one-a-day fashion instead of all in one big weekly lump. They are the new incarnation of the Muses. After this week of giving spotlights to a few older pieces to setup a buffer, starting Saturday you’ll see new vignettes posted seven days a week in addition to my regular run of features.

With the retirement of Photo Finish Friday, I’m repurposing its now open Friday slot for a weekly Flash Fiction Friday post which will feature my original works. These may often contain a grouping of vignette microfictions in the vein of what I did with the Mid-Week Muses, but centered on some sort of theme. For example, things like “Knights”, “Dragons”, or even a broad concept like “Science Fiction”. At other times, I’ll use the feature to share longer pieces of new flash fiction that I’ve written.

My Epic Music Mondays and Art-Tastic Tuesdays are staying put on the blog, although I’ve streamlined their presentations. And my popular Fifty Word Fantasy feature is also staying, although it will now post on Wednesdays and has gotten a presentation makeover as well.

The final new addition will be the feature you are reading right now: Aethereal Updates.

Since I stopped doing the WIP-it Wednesdays late last year, I think the blog has lost my personal and human touch as an author… and I want to rectify that. Although I do not intend to recreate what I did in the WIP-its — the crafting of which took hours and hours of weekly effort away from my fiction writing and ironically became a detriment to the very works-in-progress I was talking about — I think that I can manage a weekly update of under a thousand words every Thursday.

I’m largely writing these updates already, but across varied platforms. So to brush together my thoughts for a brief and collected weekly update here shouldn’t be close to the same drain on my time that the WIP-its were.

Next week, I’ll formerly start with a consolidated update going over what I’ve been up to since December. Then I’ll continue with short, weekly Aethereal Updates with a goal of keeping each post under a thousand words (perhaps more ideally, under five-hundred).

Have a great week everyone, and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

4 thoughts on ““Hey. What’s going on?”

Add yours

    1. … I can still hit the send button too early by accident.

      That, and there are still many things that I can do here on the blog that I can’t do on Twitter as well or at all like I can here. So I’m trying to reorganize the blog to play to it’s strengths.

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      1. I think changing it up on occasion makes sense. I’m always trying to reclaim my time. I’m down to posting twice a week and it seems to be working better for me. I don’t know how you can post every day! Plus Twitter? Wow!

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