Shuffling Sequence and Circumstances

My work continued on Shadow of the Black Tower this weekend. A lot of thinking and meat-and-potatoes writing got packed into Sunday as I carried on revising the current chapters into a better bridge into the climax.

The long and short of it is that I edited 2,900 words and wrote about a page of new material to finish a greatly revised chapter nine. Then I immediately jumped into writing 1,300 more words to start the tenth chapter.

I haven’t gotten to the monster battle and action sequence yet, but it’s literally coming right up. The opening of chapter ten has mostly set the scene already, and I surprised myself by linking to something that happened five chapters back that was originally just a bit of color. Now, with a few recalled words, I’ve made it into a gloomy foreshadow:

I found myself taking some time to rethinking my approach to the interior of the tower, as a means to both tighten and spice-up the narrative. I came up with something radically different than what I’d originally envisioned, but it fits the tone and should be an unexpected development that will keep the reader uneasy. And it provides a good, physical navigational challenge to the characters.

I also shuffled around the sequence and circumstances of events to raise the drama and mystery. I’m particularly looking forward to an upcoming betrayal that is to befall the protagonist: It will leave him on his own with death on his heels. But the event allows him to make some choices that will show his determination and resourcefulness against a horrid thing trying to kill him in a claustrophobic chase.

Have a great week everyone, and keep writing!

~Jason H. Abbott

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