Flash Fiction: Cheating Death

“…Then I beat the Reaper at Magic with your old Serra Angel card, and won erasing your death from his book.”

“But Eugene, why am I now eighteen?

“I, snuck in a mark that changed your birthday from 1979, to… uh, 1999…”


“I’m sorry!”

“I’ve gone from your teacher to your classmate!”

“To… my girlfriend?”

She pondered it, youthfully. “Maybe.



Copyright © 2018 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Cheating Death

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    1. I’ve entered a contest or two, but nothing’s ever come from them.

      As far as magazines go, I haven’t bothered. The money to be made isn’t worth the time spent submitting, and unlike the old days where that was still the case as well.. nowadays you don’t even get any real exposure by being published in them.

      Basically, very few people read fiction magazines anymore.. if you can even find one. When was the last time you picked one up? For me, it was 15 years ago.

      So instead, I’m putting my writing focus on other areas. :-)

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      1. True. Sci-fi magazine readership is minuscule. I read them online when I was thinking of submitting to them. I realized that my style is no where near what they are looking for. I figured I would save myself the heartache and time and not submit.
        The creative writing journey has been interesting for me starting out in romance to ultimately struggle with the genre. When I started writing sci-fi, (out of frustration from struggling with other genres), I miraculously found my voice. I’ve just completed a first draft to my 90,000 word manuscript. I’m swearing off of it for a month to gain objectivity (not an easy thing to do), and am filling my time with blogging on nutrition.

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      2. Thank you. I have a few beta readers, some of whom are family members and friends. I have no editor nor do I plan to hire one (monetary reasons). After beta reader feedback and multiple revisions, I plan to query for a literary agent. I also plan to submit to scifi publishers who don’t require agents. We’ll see what happens. If no one wants it, I’ll probably scrap it and write another one.

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