Epic Music: Peter Roe — True Love

~*~ Epic
~*~*~ Music
~*~*~*~ Monday!

I love epic music! For me it is a perfect combination of the classic orchestral scoring, chorales and electronica music that I have enjoyed for decades. This stuff inspires me, and is a great companion as I write away on an exciting piece of fiction.

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3 thoughts on “Epic Music: Peter Roe — True Love

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    1. My personal use of “Epic” here is in the commonly accepted adjective sense of “heroic or grand in scale or character”, and its more informal use meaning “particularly impressive or remarkable”.

      But you are absolutely right: like most things in life, what is “epic” or not is highly subjective and ultimately personal.

      This weekly feature on my blog is named after the musical genre of “Epic Music”, something that I listen to frequently and a quick internet search will return you many examples of. It’s largely production music descended from classical music, movie scores, electronica and various fusions and hybrids.

      I’ve loved orchestral film scores since I was a kid, and certainly many of those I would call “Epic” as well. But when I’m writing, the score of a favorite film can be distracting unless it really matches what I want to feel as I write. Epic Music is like having the beauty of a film score without it tethered to the memory of a film. It’s a soundtrack for a blank canvas, and I write the scenes for it. :-)


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