Flash Fiction: Schoolyard Jitters

Tam eyed the school from the car. “I don’t want to. I can’t stand it.”

Her father hugged her.

“I’m a freak now. Everyone’s staring.”

“Different package, same you.”

The possum headed girl became tearful. “Will I still have friends?”

“Yes. The real ones.”




Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Schoolyard Jitters

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  1. No way on this planet you could get me to go back to high school with a possum head. Sorry, but there are GEDs for a reason. This is one of them.

    I have never met anything meaner than high school girls. I think a pit of vipers would be nicer. At least they just kill you…

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    1. Possums are immune to rattlesnake venom, maybe that includes vipers…

      Seriously though, I know what you mean. I was the fat nerd with glasses and enough wit to really make the bullies pound me. Girls though… the mean ones made emotional scars I still see on some friends.

      For the kiddo here however, she’s not the only Exer in school or the world. It’s a tough time still, but dealing with change is what my Exerverse stories are all about.

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