Flash Fiction: Tempo-Rail Anomaly

The TV weather-lady said the rain was a sign-effect of the tempo-rail anomaly. Nanny Guevara kept me inside.

We were different ages in different places!

Upstairs, I was a grownup! Nanny was skinny an’ twenny, an’ put me in Mommy’s clothes.

Downstairs, I was five again. But so was Nanny! We put on MY clothes.

Nanny forgot she was called Nanny ‘an grown-up things. But Martina is a pretty name, an’ she was lots more fun! We played princess until the rain stopped.

She was still little when Mommy came home after the tempo-rail anomaly.

Marti cried for her mommy, but she was in Heaven. My Mommy said she’d be her Mommy too.

Now we’re sisters!

But we don’t like the new Nanny.



Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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