Aether Prompt Winner: M. A. Scrawl

M. A. Scrawl of scrawlwriting won the January 30th Aether Prompt by keeping the train from going off the rails, mostly

Kraden gasped, his hands digging into metal with a death grip, his struggle with the old 73 not coming to an end. He grit his teeth as he heard young screams behind him, and he desperately pulled levers in his engineer cockpit.

The train thankfully came to a stop in the folds of time and space, red flashes appearing and disappearing in deep black.

“Kraden?” a voice said. He turned to his young sister who held a brown teddy bear, obviously terrified.

“Don’t worry Lil’,” Kraden said with forced confidence. “I’ll figure out how to work Dad’s Aether Nav soon.”

Congratulations! Now you’re in the running for the 2019 AETHEREAL ENGINEER WRITER SUPPORT PRIZE PACKAGE! How might he, or possibly you, perchance win such fabled treasure as this? Take a look at my weekly Aether Prompts and find out!

~Jason H. Abbott

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