Flash Fiction: The Limits of Her Magic

“Live,” Kaja whispered, finishing the chant.

Kneeling beside her sister’s whipstitched corpse, it moved.

“Anja, please live again.”

Her sibling gasped.

“I’ve restored your life, your limbs—”

Anja howled a soulless scream, then thrashed her grafted arms and legs from other dead women.

Kaja watched her mindless eyes writhe. “No… too long. Dead too long…”

The necromantress buried tears in her palms, feeling the limits of her magic as the undead wailed.

“Anja, what have I done? What have I made of you?”




Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Limits of Her Magic

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  1. Love the two in one. revival is one of those things that reminds me we never really learn our lessons from the stories of others. I mean, it would be hard to convince me, if I were a necromancer, not to try and save a loved one. Inspire of every anime, comic, and ancient myth that tells me never to attempt… But maybe that’s just me. lol.

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