A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

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Throwback Thursday: Saving the Best for Last, by Daniel R. Horne (1987)

This painting by Daniel R. Horne premiered as the cover of Dragon Magazine issue 126, which arrived in my mailbox in October of 1987. Thereafter, it would reappear in several other TSR products and advertisements. My thirteen-year-old reaction? “Wow!” Back in the day, Dragon had a excellent track record for Halloween (and April’s Fools) themed... Continue Reading →

Ten Books

There has been a chain-request going around the internet for months now asking people to list ten books that have stayed with them in some way. They do not have to be great works of literature to be on the list, just books that have affected them in some way. While I wait for more... Continue Reading →

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