Flash Fiction: Posse — Part Five of Five

Dodging the beam’s lash, Maybell and Clem were stopped by the tripod’s foot.

Staring up at their doom, they saw the machine’s cowl explode before it could fire.

It collapsed as Wayne stepped from the smoke, Gatling-sized heat-ray in hand.

“Needed a bigger gun!”



All installments in order.


Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Posse — Part Five of Five

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    1. Thank you, Chris! I love working with classics, and Wells is a favorite. There’s a certain fun in working with cowboys and wild west setting for me too, thanks to my parent’s love of westerns when I was a kid. :-)

      I also stuck a few fairly deep jokes/Easter Eggs in this for obscure history and War of the Worlds fans that thus far no one seems to have discovered. ;-)


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