Throwback Thursday: Firepower by Den Beauvais (1989)

This gem by Canadian artist Den Beauvais graced the cover of Dragon Magazine #143 (March, 1989). Featuring the cockpit of an "F-18, as accurate as we’re allowed to show" (as touted by the magazine), this one caught my imagination and stuck. Den's use of cool, dark colors contrasted with the central heat and shock of... Continue Reading →


Throwback Thursday: Varan the Unbelievable – Main Title by Akira Ifukube (1958)

Varan the Unbelievable is a largely forgotten Daikaiju Eiga in the west, even though it was directed by Ishirō Honda (who also directed the original and classic Godzilla) and featured a score by the masterful Akira Ifukube (who scored the original Godzilla and many other films in the series). The film may have it's problems,... Continue Reading →

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