Throwback Thursday: Firepower by Den Beauvais (1989)

Firepower by Den Beauvais (1989)
Firepower by Den Beauvais (1989). Click here for more of the artist’s work!

This gem by Canadian artist Den Beauvais graced the cover of Dragon Magazine #143 (March, 1989). Featuring the cockpit of an “F-18, as accurate as we’re allowed to show” (as touted by the magazine), this one caught my imagination and stuck. Den’s use of cool, dark colors contrasted with the central heat and shock of a fire-breathing dragon confronting something so technologically advanced is brilliant. Beauvais has a wide body of great work, but this is one of my favorites.

1989 was a year when the magical and the modern was mixing for me. I was discovering games such as GURPS and the Palladium Books series that allowed for the crossing of genres and settings at the time. However, it was the release of Shadowrun in 1989 that cemented my love of mixing fantasy with something beyond ancient times.

This influence is very relevant to me these days, as my novel Vivian’s Last Cigarette not only mixes elements of classic fantasy into a modern setting, but that setting is intentionally none other than the year 1989 itself!

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