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Untitled Illustration by Jeff Easley

Untitled Illustration by Jeff Easley

Jeff Easley has a well known legacy from his long tenure as an artist working for TSR, and later Wizards of the Coast. His fantasy artwork in the tradition of Frank Frazetta graced the covers and interiors of many Dungeons and Dragons rule-books and adventures. Beautiful women, heroic men, epic monsters… his work is classic! I’ve always loved his stuff and admired his skill. Although gorgeous paintings are his hallmarks, this inked illustration adorning the seventy-second page of the 1986 AD&D Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide supplement stays in my memory.

It’s always captured my imagination. What’s going on here? How did these lovey ladies end up in this situation? Are they twin princesses waiting for Conan to show up, or just waiting for their turn in the belly-dance competition? What happens next? Does she really think that stick is going to do any good? ;-)