Engineer’s Log, August 12th 2014: 21,327 Words.

It is far past time for an update! I think that you will be able to forgive me however, as I have been using most of my spare time to work on The Lost Tomb of Omo rather than blogging. As of last night I have reached 21,327 words and I’m nearing completion of the fourth chapter and probable halfway point of the story!

I started Omo with the intent of it being a 5,000 word, sword and sorcery short story. Things have really come a long way since June when I decided that Omo was a good story that deserved to be expanded upon. At first I thought it might end up a novella at 15-20 thousand words in length. Well, scratch that! Then it looked like it would finish at near 30,000 words… Now that I’ve crested 21,000 words and still building up towards the climax, I’m feeling I could hit forty thousand words… or maybe even the 50,000 word mark that would class this story as a novel.

I’m extremely pleased with Omo. Not only with the development and growth of the story so far, but also with how I’ve been able to stick with it and strengthen my writing. The review-edit-revise cycles I have done have been incredibly helpful and educational; there have been three so far with the forth quickly approaching. I do one for each added chapter, reviewing-revising the whole story up to that point.
The Storyteller’s Prayer of Gora
I love mythology! And the past two weeks have all been about building the mythos of the world that Omo takes place in. I’ve drawn inspiration from both historical and fictional sources as I have let my mind and heart grow full of these epic legends, then craft those feelings and images into words. This is not just for the sake of background and illustrative detail either: the fictional mythology flows in and out of the story and is a key part of the plot. It forms a story within the story. Certainly building the Gods and legends that feature in Omo has been fun and wondrous for me, and I find these creations expressing something more personal than bare story functions alone. Perhaps that’s why these parts have been difficult for me to write, as much as I have enjoyed doing so.

Looking at what I have created so far, I have a good feeling that I am on the right track.

Take care dear reader, and be well!



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