Engineer’s Log: Mid-December Update

Ready for an update? It has been a good week! As you may know, last Friday I posted up the first chapter of A Contract in Azure and Indigo. It has done well, pulling in strong traffic straight through the weekend. I also started getting a number of pings from people wanting the next chapter posted early because they so enjoyed the first! That is a good feeling that says a great deal in and of itself. :-) However, I’m going to stick with my schedule and post the second chapter this Friday.

My prologue draft to Unsundered had a lot of problems with it. The feedback I got on it however was useful in that it got me thinking in a new direction. I had a flash of inspiration and revised a few details in the background story to make a better opening, then suddenly a dozen other things came into alignment. This idea seems far more solid than my first opener, giving me not only a better prologue but also a stronger story overall.

So, I’m rolling up my sleeves and getting to work on that. I don’t think that I’ll trash the original prologue, but I’m going to revise it and work it in elsewhere. It still relays things that need to be said, but I think that I need to place it better in the story. It might work better as a flashback than a prologue. We’ll see.

I’ve also put a few thousand words into a short story entry for the December edition of the same writer’s challenge that produced Contract. This new one has been a lot of fun to write so far and it’s going to be a lot shorter than my last entry by design. I really like the character I’m crafting for it, but I don’t want to say too much for fear of spoiling anything when I release it once it’s done.

I will say that this new story is another Burusian Tale, set in the same story universe as A Contract in Azure and Indigo. I’m enjoying adding to my portfolio of stories set in that place, and they are filling me with ideas and ways to improve The Pool of Sacred Stars when I relaunch it.

write-all-the-thingsOkay, I’m going to go back to writing some more fiction now. But if anyone out there has a question I could use as the basis of my next blog, please drop a comment, because I’m listening. Take care!


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