Engineer’s Log: ‘Twas the night before… EPIC SANTA!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the happy holiday season that is late December! I’m just posting an update and some cool artwork of Epic Santa that I found to keep the blog warm this Wednesday. I’m pretty sure that not too many folks will be checking WordPress on this night before a major family holiday, so I’m going to keep it light.

The second chapter of A Contract in Azure and Indigo went up last Friday, and so far those that liked the first chapter have been very clear about their enjoyment of the second! The third and final chapter will be posted this Friday, the day after Christmas. Think of it as a delayed present… Ho, ho, ho!

I’ve finished my short story entry for the December Writing Challenge and it should be ready for me to enter it into the competition on Friday when it opens. It has gone through four revisions and is a lot shorter than my last entry, being under five thousand words. It’s very different in tone, pacing and style from A Contract in Azure and Indigo, and it was a lot of fun to write. Hopefully it will be just as fun for others to read! Win or lose, I’ll be posting it up to Aethereal Engines in January.

On my novel-in-progress, Unsundered, I’ve continued to hammer and buff the structure and plot. Going in a new direction with the prologue opened up a lot of options that weren’t there before, so I’ve been busy threading them into the existing work and planning on how to use them in what is to come. I created a new outline of the story progression using the dramatic arc and monomyth structures to look for holes, and mapped out character functions by archetypes. This work was fruitful, and I found some stalled plot threads and unconnected characters that I have set about to improve. I want this story to be awesome, and I am not sparing any hard work to get it there!

That’s it for tonight! If tomorrow is a big holiday event for you, I wish you the best of times. Even if it isn’t a holiday for you, I still wish you the best of times! Spend it with the people you love, or doing something you enjoy! Just don’t get on Epic Santa’s Naughty List™, for goodness sake!

Artwork by Stjepan Sejic, click picture for their awesome DeviantArt page!
Artwork by Stjepan Sejic, click picture for their awesome DeviantArt page!

(Seriously… just don’t get on that list!)


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