Engineer’s Log: New Fiction on Friday!

I’ll be posting a thousand word short story up on Aethereal Engines Friday called The Showroom. It was created for a writer’s challenge in January, but the main character and concepts have been with me for at least a couple of years… And about 30,000 words of background and notes.

The Showroom takes place in a story setting I call the Exerverse. What is the Exerverse? Here is the blurb from the page I have setup for these stories on Aethereal Engines:

The Exerverse is a science-fantasy setting in a world almost like our own except for a single fantastical element: Recent outbreaks of a mysterious and lethal affliction labeled Genomic Autoimmune Reaction Syndrome.

The cause and vector of GARS is a total mystery, and the best that medical care can do for the afflicted is to treat the symptoms. Even more alarming is the fact that some GARS survivors undergo the process of Expressed Extragenomic Metamorphosis, a phenomena that contradicts a number of long held scientific assumptions. These survivors are left “Exed” and often no longer genetically human.

Despite their transformations, “Exers” retain their memories, personalities and mental capacity. Left to grapple with the problems their changes cause them, they experience a new world as well. One that grants them few favors.

Exerverse_SymbolThe setting is not what I would call “Urban Fantasy” and it would be poor science fiction at best because the focus isn’t on speculation or theory. It’s more about how I envision people and societies dealing with change across many spectrums. It is a world touched by a mysterious plague that and looms frightfully over the present, and the people rebuilding transformed lives within it.

I’m excited to share The Showroom, it’s a bit different from what I have posted up so far. Next up is finishing Out to Pasture and editing it… Then onto the next challenge! See you Friday!


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