Engineer’s Log: Springing into Editing!

It’s been a good week! I finished my first major round of editing with Out to Pasture on Saturday and was happy with the additions and changes I had made. Then I sent off the new draft to the folks who were kind enough to lend their eyes and time to critique it, just to show them how I had worked in their feedback. I was surprised to receive a second critique from an excellent reviewer, who provided me with even more constructive feedback on the new draft than they did on the first one! They are awesome, and now I can polish things up a little more.

And_making_this_faceI’m really learning a lot with the revision work on Out to Pasture, gaining tools that I have already put to use in my next piece of fiction: the second chapter to Oo-De-Lally. I’ve got a thousand words or so invested into that piece at the moment, and I’m eager to add more.

I’ve also hatched an idea, one that has been gestating for a month, to put together a collection of my fantasy short stories into an eBook. I noticed that two of the stories I have written recently, and really like… Those being my novelette A Contract in Azure and Indigo and the aforementioned Out to Pasture… Both feature everyday, lower class folks in my fantasy world of Burus, rather than your more typical heroic adventurers. I have another story plotted and sketched-out called The Orgcrst staring a barmaid, an ogre and other low-born protagonists that fits this theme as well.

Looking at what I have and what I plan to do, the idea occurred to me that with only the addition of a few more stories, I could have over fifty thousand words of fiction and a nifty little book… So why not? A collection of tales about the lowborn members of society, who are skipped over in typical works of fantasy, seems like an interesting idea to me. And I’ve enjoyed telling their stories so far, which is the most important thing. It’s also something which isn’t surprising given that my interests in history often try to understand an era in terms of the daily life of the common man and woman.

Therefore I’ve decided to give it a go and set this as a goal for the coming year! I started by laying some groundwork for a unified collection over the weekend, and like what I see. I’ve even begun communicating with an artist to arrange some commissioned illustrations for the project.

You know, it’s a good feeling to see improvement in my work, plans on the table and the snow melting in advance of a spring that can’t get here soon enough! Have a great week!


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