WIP-it Wednesday: July 8th, 2015

evil_deer Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

My Independence Day weekend got off to a good start, even after working a surprise eleven hour shift when I had planned to have the Friday off. The holiday itself on Saturday turned out really well: I had time to get the blog in order for the coming week before a NERF-gun battle-royale and campfire under the stars with friends… discussing which Looney Tunes characters would be best cast in a parody of Lord of the Rings.

Sunday started off with just as much promise, and I was looking forward to an overdue fiction writing session when my wife and I started the long drive home after visiting with my father.

Then she screamed “Deer!”

I was accelerating and about to merge onto the highway. The deer had sprinted across two open lanes of traffic in broad daylight when she locked eyes with the hundred pound animal for a split second. We were going about sixty five miles an hour (that’s over a hundred kilometers for those of you using Metric), and I didn’t see the creature myself until it struck the front passenger side of my car… There was nothing I could do as my wife grabbed the Jezus Crist Bar above the door and made a terrified scream the likes of which her stout heart never lets slip out.

I won’t forget the sound of the bang as the headlight and surrounding area was turned into red and white confetti that flew everywhere. The plastic and metal around the front wheel underneath the light was completely smashed in, while the momentum of the impact flung the deer’s body around and slammed it into the passenger door. It completely staved in the side, bending the door into the frame and wedging it shut. The poor animal left a steak of death defecation along the car and was tossed back across two lanes of traffic. Fortunately, no other cars hit the flying carcass before it landed dead, pretty much back where it started its run seconds before.

Thank goodness for insurance co-pays or this would be costing me over five grand...
Thank goodness for insurance co-pays or this would be costing me over five grand…

I got the car to a controlled stop amid the sound of the frame grinding on the tire. My wife says I did this “like a pro”, but I was just trying to keep my cool and not make the situation worse. Nobody except the deer was hurt, and to look at things, the animal was sent back to creation more or less instantly and without suffering.

Given a combination of fate and a difference in time of a second or less, things could have ended up very differently. It could have become a multi-car accident or occurred with us striking the animal head-on and then having it fly though our windshield. Looking at those possible outcomes, we feel blessed to have walked away without a scratch.

I’ve got car insurance, but even with it the $500 co-pay and two-week wait without the vehicle I depend on daily to get to and from my job is something I would have rather done without. :-(

One positive side in this accident was the display of humanity following it: There was the Good Samaritan who stopped and made sure we were okay, using the flashing lights on his truck to keep us safe from speeding traffic before the police and tow-guy arrived. There were the emergency phone operators working over the holiday and the police officer who conducted themselves with professionalism and compassion. And then there was our friend Jessica who rescued us hours later from a gas-station and took us all home.

These demonstrations of everyday deeds keeping the darkness at bay also assures me of the greater, if less tangible, insurance in which all of humanity can share upon this Earth… insurance paid for in acts of simple kindness.

At the very least, I’ve gained a new experience to draw upon when I’m writing. Speaking of that, it shouldn’t take much imagination for you to figure out that this event has seriously disrupted my typical writing habits for the last few days! It seems like if I’m not calling someone about the car, they have been calling me. :-) It can’t be helped, and I’m fortunate to have the available time that I do have to write this post. But rest confidently in knowing that I’ll be squeezing in as much writing as I can until my transportation situation is back to normal!

I think I’ll start right now… It feels like it’s time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some fiction! Take care!

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