WIP-it Wednesday: August 5th, 2015

HandsTime for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

I posted my latest work, Angel: A Short Story of the Un-Dead up on Aethereal Engines this Saturday after entering it into the Reddit fantasy writer’s challenge. This tale featuring high school kids, a vampire and a decrepit 1995 Dodge Neon received a lot of positive feedback both in the contest, more than twice that of the entry that ultimately won the challenge. There were a lot of great stories this month in the Challenge, and I got to read them all in addition to walking away with a nifty tale added to my collected works.

However, after the contest was over, someone anonymously awarded me Reddit Gold for congratulating the winner and everyone else who participated. No one did the same for the actual winner, and I think that action speaks a great deal about the quality of my piece. If it touched someone strongly enough that they spent money out of their own pocket to thank me for my entry and effort, then very clearly a greater victory had been won.

I got a lot of comments-compliments that people loved the characters and the surprise turns of the plot. The dialogue also received praise, particularly the conversation as the piece ended. Others enjoyed my take on the vampire, its vulnerabilities and how those were used to bring about its end.

One thing that was almost a constant mention was how people would love to read more about the characters. About what happens next and their further adventures… That was a really good feeling! I’ll definitely be seeing how I could craft a sequel or extend this story into a longer piece down the road. :-)

If you’d like to check out Angel yourself, click the banner below to be taken to it.

Beyond my work on Angel, I haven’t gotten to write a lot of fiction so far this week. The major reason for that is because I’m moving to a new house soon: Life has been thick with interruptions related to the sale of one house, the acquisition of another and the need to prepare the new space for us before moving our stuff into it. It’s a good kind of busy, but anything that pulls away from what time I have to write is irksome. ;-)

I just keep repeating the words “I will have a Writer’s Den soon,” to make it better.

Additional positive news came in the form of finally getting my car back from the repair shop a month after that deer crashed into me. And my wife started a new job that is really going to help us out, but of course her new schedule is an adjustment.

Yet even with all that, I managed to keep the blog active. I’ve also been doing a lot of networking with fellow writers and an artist friend on some of my ongoing projects. Hopefully, I’ll have some free time soon to bang out the rest of the new chapter for Allied Section Alpha later this week!

Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some more fiction! Take care!

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