Read by the Author! WIP-it Wednesday: October 28th, 2015

Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

Last Friday, I was invited back as a return guest to the 3.5 Geeks Halloween podcast. They are doing a show centered around selected Halloween reading, and asked if I had a spooky original story to share. Because the organizer is a vampire fan, I ended up doing a reading of Angel – A Short Story of the Un-Dead , which some of you might remember from August when I posted it on Aethereal Engines.

I downloaded the program Audacity on Sunday and it was very intuitive to learn as I pre-recorded and pieced together my reading of the story. It took about six hours to record and edit the almost five thousand word story, and I was happy with the end product. We recorded the podcast Tuesday night and it will be released on Halloween… It was pretty cool to have my work showcased along with pieces by Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft, whom I admire, and had no hand in selecting as part of the content.

People say that I have a distinctive voice that could do voice-over work. I’ve been thinking for a while that making a few audiobooks of my stories read by the author would be a good use of that talent, so I started a YouTube channel and posted the recording up as a video. You can check it out here as a Halloween treat:

Be aware that Angel contains some moments of strong language, violence and supernatural themes that might make it NSFW without headphones. The story, start to end, is 33 minutes long.

Alright, I’ve got pumpkins to carve and stories that want to be written. ;-) Keep writing and have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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