WIP-it Wednesday: November 11th, 2015

Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

Study_10NOV15An unexpected change came my way in the form of an invitation from the moderators of the Fantasy Writers group on Reddit that I frequent. I’ve mentioned them regularly in the past, and the friends, advice and writing challenges I have found there have really helped me to grow as a writer. Seven days ago, I was asked if I would like to join the moderation team of the subreddit as one of their members was stepping down, leaving a void that needed to be filled.

I’ve been a frequent voice on the forum for maybe a year and a half at this point, but I was very surprised to be offered the invitation. The Fantasy Writers group is a very well-managed and friendly place, and that can often be in great contrast to many other groups on Reddit. It boasts well over 15,000 subscribers, and at first I wasn’t sure if I would be up to the task even as the moderators were enthusiastically asking me to join.

I’ve never moderated a forum before of any sort, and personally I didn’t think I had done anything all that notable or amazing on the subreddit. I merely tried to be a helpful voice of encouragement, treating people with respect and a sense of fun. I hardly ever do critiques, which comprise a firm majority of posts. I am active in the writing contests however, reading and commenting on every submission when I participate. In the contests, I feel that every entrant should get some feedback… there’s nothing worse than putting your effort out there and hearing nothing at all.

I thought that was just common decency and kindness. But thinking about it, and looking at Reddit in particular, perhaps it’s not that common at all. Perhaps it was never really common. It was then that I thought of this comic by Lunarbaboon I discovered not long ago:


I really like that comic.

So I thought about it, asked some questions on requirements and responsibilities, and got a good night’s sleep after getting some very clear answers. I said yes, and after doing so I quickly felt welcomed and included as I joined the team in working on improvements and new projects immediately.

Although I’ve never moderated anything before, I’m already certain that I made the right choice in accepting the invitation. :-) Now that it’s almost a week in, acclimating to my new position and responsibilities is coming along well. Although this initial week required me to devote a fair amount of time to the group instead of working on my fiction, I still like how things are coming together.

I did make some fiction related progress this week however, even with everything else going on, because on Saturday I posted my latest short story Elanni into the wild on my story blog, Aethereal Engines!

Photograph courtesy of the talented Kristina Rutšjevskaja, used and modified by the author with her permission.
Photograph courtesy of the talented Kristina Rutšjevskaja, used and modified by the author with her permission.

You can click the picture above to see the story. So far, it’s had minimal comments but folks are liking it. Matthew Keville over on his blog Dreams of the Shining Horizon gave it a reblog calling it “just a little bit spicy”. Matt’s a good guy and talented writer himself, and his choice of words there made me smile… Because even though I hadn’t thought about describing the story that way, he is right!

I also shared some additional artwork related to Elanni Saturday here on Aethereal Engineer. It was this picture of Rurrn, Hero of Korthrin… A character from Elanni:

Rurrn, Hero of Korthrin by 'DLMortarion'
Rurrn, Hero of Korthrin by ‘DLMortarion’

If you click the picture, it will take you to Saturday’s blog with more information on how I was gifted with this wonderful art!

Although work on my house curtailed any in-depth writing over the past weekend, my writer’s study finally got properly lighted with the addition of a banker’s lamp on my desk and pair of upturned vase lamps on a switch. Now I can have a warm island of light on my desk at night while I type, or an iillumined sea in which to search my books and read!

The room still needs putting together, but this corner of my desk now makes me smile…

Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some more fiction! Take care!

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    1. Thank you Cas! :-) The radio on my desk is made to look old fashioned, but it’s actually only 5 or so years old. I like the look of old things. ;-) It can play CDs, but also vinyl records as well. It has really nice sound and I frequently connect a cable from my laptop to it play online audio/music on it.


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