WIP-it Wednesday: February 3rd, 2016


Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

This week I received a second round of feedback on The Brynesmark and worked it into a third draft. The catches were good, mostly typos and homonyms, and very easy to implement. This particular reader had a very positive reaction, enjoying the piece a great deal!

Now, of course I always love it when someone likes a story of mine, but as I don’t know this person well it felt like a very unbiased reaction. I really like getting those. :-) The story seems polished and ready to make its debut now, so this Saturday The Brynesmark will premiere on Aethereal Engines!

Because it works well as a serial, I’ll be posting a new chapter once a week on Saturdays… So be prepared for a yarn that will sail into March! As a preview, here’s a mid-first chapter excerpt you can sample:


From Chapter One: The Boy on the Steps

“Well, my lad!” Lord-Captain Anise boomed over Eevin causing the child to spin around on his bare heels to face him. “Let’s get a good look at the latest addition to my crew and household!”

The aristocrat squatted down and the tail of his red leather longcoat gathered on the steps before Eevin stuck out a dirty, wet palm. “Pleased to meet you!”

“Such manners,” the young Lord-Captain said clasping the boy’s hand and shaking it while his free hand ruffled Eevin’s dirty brown hair. He then broke the handshake and pointed with splayed fingers to the child’s mismatched irises. “And such unusual eyes…”

The sailor in the striped shirt next to the motionless armored figure nodded in agreement. “Aye, Lord-Captain, those be a Bryne’s eyes for sure.”

Lord-Captain Anise rose up from his haunches and frowned with irritation as he discovered the grime left on his hands from the boys palm and hair. He wiped them clean on the brown breeches above his boots before grabbing at the short leather cylinder that was on his belt.

“An excellent observation, Boatswain,” he said removing a roll of aged vellum from the map case. “I am eager to start this venture! Hollomon, would you kindly hold the boy’s arm?”

The cold steel of Hollomon’s gauntlet grabbed Eevin’s arm before the child could react with a tug and yelp.

“Now, now lad,” the blond young man scolded at the boy’s cry while he unrolled the vellum. “Let us not spoil our good start, shall we? Struggle will only make it worse.”

“What… what are you going to do?” Eevin said lowering his voice and watching the tall armored man lift his arm by the wrist.

The nobleman smiled with teeth as white a pearls. “I am going to reunite you with your father… a grand and gracious thing for me to do, is it not?”

“Me father? Everyone says he was eaten by sharks!”

The Lord-Captain stretched the vellum flat between his hands. “You had best hope that is not the case, for your sake.” He then turned and nodded to the Boatswain who unsheathed the rigging knife on his belt.

The Brynesmark is a novelette of six chapters and about 16,000 words. If you like kidnapped orphans, murderous seamen, treasure maps, vengeful wizards, assorted monsters, notorious buccaneers and piratical swordfightin’… it might be a good read for you! Although I think it stands on its own with the open ending it has at present, I plan to expand it into a novel or more in the future.

Although the launch of Brynesmark has me excited, the majority of my writing efforts over the past weekend were devoted to the continuing top-to-bottom overhaul of my 2014 piece A Contract in Azure and Indigo. I passed the two-thirds mark in its revision process Monday night, so I’m hopeful that I might be done with this involved reworking by the end of the coming weekend.

It’s been arduous. I’ve done line-by-line editing through about eight-thousand words, reworking and revising everything along the way. Although the plot is the same, I’ve reworked ninety-five percent of the piece… so it would be fair to say I’ve written nearly eight-thousand words in the course of my editing so far too.

This process has been much more difficult than just writing fresh fiction. But I think it’s worth it and can’t wait to hand the revamped story over the same alpha-readers who were so involved with the first version and get their feedback! We’ve all come a long way since 2014, and I want to make Azure and Indigo shine when I’m done! :-)

Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some more fiction! Take care!

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