New Fantasy Fiction Starts Saturday!


The heroes and villains of A Contract in Azure and Indigo aren’t your typical fantasy archetypes. Far from being wizards or warriors, they’re regular folks whose concerns over the farm outweigh those they have over monsters. But the world, and magic, has a way of intruding sometimes… Until what begins with an air of mystery reaches a moment of choice. A choice that, once made, insures nothing will be the same again.

A four chapter novelette presented as a weekly serial, starting April 2nd on Aethereal Engines!

4 thoughts on “New Fantasy Fiction Starts Saturday!

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  1. Got myself all snuggled on the couch, cup of Earl Grey held in my eager mitts and clicked on to ‘A Contract in Azure and Indigo, Chapter One’
    ‘Page not found’ says the diabolical screen.
    Clicked on Chapter two ‘Page not found’
    I hear a faint ‘Mwahahahahaaaaa’ from my laptop. Curses!
    I say to my screen I need my ‘Aethereal Engines’ sugar rush!
    Then I realise it’s starts tomorrow dagnabbit!!
    Eager? Who said eager?

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