WIP-it Wednesday: April 27th, 2016


Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

Last week started tough. My writing progress was slow, and I was just beginning to get the hang of my wife working a late second-shift that really upended how I focus and write. However, because she’s trying to recover from deep tendon injures, the physical strains the job placed on her feet was just destroying her. The late-nights and sleepy days were also making her depressed and sick. It wasn’t going to endure, so that was that. No job is worth loosing your health over, particularly when your employer isn’t going to do squat for you once you can’t work and are physically wrecked.

However, a happy compromise of sorts was reached as they let her switch to a day shifts and fill a slot working every-other weekend. Kim likes the people she helps in her job. So this arrangement lets her still be a part of that, earn a little money, and look for/hold another part-time job that she can work without crippling pain.

For me, this flipped my daily writing schedule back to the diurnal one I was used to. From that, my productivity really improved over the last few days. Starting on Monday, I’ve exceeded my daily writing goals for fiction wordcount each day. Although early, I’m enthusiastic about the results and hope they continue to carry through.

My current work in progress, The Unicorn Hunters, has benefited from this change greatly. Since starting the story two weeks ago, headway has been frustratingly slow with only an average of a few hundred words a day. After only a few days of writing with the sun though, it’s sitting in its climax and at over six-thousand words. :-D As I estimate its total length will be in the range of eight-thousand-ish words, I’m hopeful that if I can keep up the momentum I’ll have the first draft done by Friday!

I even have a little snippet from the current draft to share:


These are not Tolkien’s elves. ;-)

Actually, one of my challenges with the The Unicorn Hunters has been its idyllic scenes of childhood adventure and environmental beauty contrasted against moments of hard and brutal violence.

Its protagonist is coming of age, and trying to thwart the eponymous antagonists of the story. Her journey illustrates a central theme of balancing childish wonder and adult responsibility upon a fulcrum of love… That the world can be evil and cruel to even the most gentle of souls… and that they are worth a hero’s struggle to protect!

A Contract in Azure and Indigo wrapped up its run on Aethereal Engines with its finale on Saturday. Overall it seems like people liked it, but not nearly as much as they liked The Brynesmark. Part of that may be because Contract might not be a good fit as a four part serial. It doesn’t have a lot of physical action going on, being somewhat psychological and at its heart a love story. And without the introduction of the first chapter it’s probably hard for readers stumbling onto it halfway to get into.

The next story I have planned for serial release on Aethereal Engines probably won’t have those challenges:


The Old Man of the Elder Trees is a self-contained story, but otherwise a lot more like The Brynesmark in that it’s a tale of action and adventure. It’s inspired by fairy tale folklore and a few specific fairy stories in particular, but I’ve “flipped” a large number of the classic tropes around. However, instead of parody, I’ve grown something original with a fairy tale structure and feel in my own voice… And I’m very pleased with it. :-)

The Old Man of the Elder Trees will have a three-part serial release starting on May 7th.

Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some more fiction! Take care!

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