WIP-it Wednesday: May 4th, 2016


Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of this full-time writing thing!

Sticking to the revised writing schedule I started last week, I exceeded my daily goal of a thousand words of fiction each day… often by a third or more. The Unicorn Hunters rolled right along with that kind of output, and I finished its first draft Monday night! All said and done the story finished at a tally of ten and a half thousand words. I wasn’t aiming for another novelette, but I ended up with a thin one when the story was too big for my eight-thousand word target. But I’m fine with that. The story didn’t need to be any specific length for my book and I think it flows well. Here is another work-in-progress snippet from it:


The last few days finishing this one got pretty emotional for me. There is some drama and moments sadness in The Unicorn Hunters that, for whatever reason, really got to me. I don’t know if it was because I nailed the emotional build to support the climax (feedback from my alpha-readers will tell me that), or if it was because the story is about things I care very deeply about on a personal level… But either way I needed the Kleenex.

I think it was worth the tears I put into it. :-) And some of those were from my joy at crafting some beautiful words and imagery.

In addition, not only did I get a novelette draft done and one step closer to getting my book ready this week, but I also wrote a two-thousand word essay titled Where I Fall on the Mohs Scale of Magical Hardness. It stirred some good conversation among the followers of my little author’s blog and that made me happy.

Not having written any “this is how I write stuff and here’s what I think about it” posts in a while, it was good to know that people were reading and getting something out of my efforts. I’d like to write some more, but I’m stumped for decent topics at the moment. If any of my author contemporaries reading this would like to see my thoughts on some fantasy topic expressed as an essay, please drop a comment with your idea! I’d love to take your suggestion and craft a post out of it.

Looking forward and planning for the week ahead, I certainly will have alpha-reader feedback and editing to do on The Unicorn Hunters. I also want to write a two-thousand-ish word short story I got an idea for last week. It’ll be a nice warm-up and gear-changer as I start my “imagineering” work on the fifth story for my Libram Aetherea… The Orgcrist.

Speaking of new stories, this upcoming Saturday sees the launch of my story inspired by fairy tale folklore, The Old Man of the Elder Trees! It’s a “long short story” that perhaps you could barely call a novelette, and it will have a three-part serial run on Aethereal Engines! As a taste, here is a preview excerpt from the first page…

OMET_JPG1Once upon a time, men could tread the Easrune Wood without fear. But those were days long past as Reed walked with stealthy poacher’s steps and an arrow in his bow. Midsummer moonlight filtering through the canopies of dark leaves above illumed the wood in patches of pale lunar glow. He was no stranger to night and shadow, but it was Reed’s keen ears and not his eyes that told him that whomever stalked behind his cloak was a fine hunter indeed.

But not his equal tonight.

Reed had caught faint traces of breath and padded footfalls drawing closer for an hour while he awaited the right moment to strike. Running a thumb along the fletching of his arrow, the gentle crunch of a leaf betrayed the stalker only paces behind him. He stopped, snapping the bowstring taunt as he spun around to place an arrow in their throat.

The wolf froze under Reed’s hard gaze, its eyes wide and locked on his drawn arrow.

The poacher lowered the aim of his weapon from the height of the man he was expecting to that of the grey wolf with its tail held high. “You’re a lucky one tonight. I don’t have time for you, wolf. Get. Shoo!”

With unblinking amber eyes, the wolf lowered its tail and backed away from the man. Relaxing his bowstring, Reed pulled it taunt again when the animal stopped and raised a snarling muzzle.

“Hunter! To your side!” the she-wolf shouted with a woman’s voice.

An axe swung from Reed’s left where he thought a tree stood a moment earlier.

I guess Reed had better be nimble, and that wolf had better be quick, or that axe will cut through them… in one or two flicks! ;-)

If you’re interested in reading more of the story (and no more bad rhymes), please check out the first part on Aethereal Engines this weekend!

Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some more fiction! Take care!

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  1. Love the posts, as always. As for topics for your essays, what about how you settle into writing? Do you listen to music or something? Or, how about, how you feel about research and how it can benefit or hinder the writing?

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