WIP-it Wednesday: May 25th, 2016


Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

I released the third and final part of The Old Man of the Elder Trees this weekend, and the ending was warmly received and enjoyed. This gave me such a good feeling that I was a lot like the little shapeshifter above, although without the turning into a wolf bit. ;-) If you’ve been waiting to check the story out until it was complete, you may now do so here.

And if any of you are wondering, it might make you happy to know that I’m not done with these characters yet, and I’ve sketched out some further adventures that I hope to write in the future. Not the near future, but Reed, Autumn, and the girls will show up again!

Writing wise, the last week has been about story crafting and research as I outlined my next project, The Orgcrist. I’m still working on it. Although most of the core concepts of my original story outline from a year and a half ago remain, the plot and characters have been completely revised.

I mean, my first idea set the tale at an inn and tavern by a large river with the main character being a barmaid…. Now, no tavern. No river. No barmaid. Instead I’ve currently got the story starting around a mountainside olive grove, with a hero who quickly finds himself at the end of a rope risking his life trying save a blind elven child.

However, Gus the Goat did manage to transition to the new draft outline and even secure a bigger role… And he’s the only character that did. Gus has a very persuasive agent, I’ll tell you.  ;-)

Sometimes it amazes me how things can change and evolve as I craft a story. The Orgcrist is now nothing like the original idea I had. But it still has the main themes and emotions that I wanted it to have, and the new characters I think make for a stronger story.

Seeing how I’ve renovated and built upon the foundations of my original ideas from eighteen months ago, it shouldn’t surprise me given how far my writing has come in that time. I wrote A Contract in Azure and Indigo just a few months before penning this tale, and I had to really roll-up my sleeves when I revised and rewrote 95% of it earlier this year. Of course I’ve got a better idea of story structure now, so looking at my prior ideas and outline with a new angle and insight is kind of a given.

This experience has made me glad that I hadn’t outlined Zimeena’s Broom (another story I conceived of at about the same time as The Orgcrist ) nearly as much as I had with this one. Albeit, it’s a more straightforward story with a far smaller cast of characters to start with, but at least I won’t be sledge-hammering walls of concepts to make room for the story I’ll be writing later.

In summation: I’m still crafting and outlining this week. Yet things are coalescing together nicely and it should be a fun and exciting read. The Orgcrist will definitely be a thicker story than a novelette, probably in the novella range of over twenty-thousand words. And as it’s going to be a story exclusive to my Libram Aetherea collection, that doesn’t bother me a bit!

Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some more fiction! Take care!


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