Convention Time!


I’ve been writing like a MADMAN this past week trying to get everything ready to knock some socks off at PortCon 2016 with some awesome RPGs and game mastering!

logo16v2It all starts tomorrow, and I’ve still got things to finish! So no work-in-progress check-in this week… Because I’m too busy working on said works in progress!!! ;-) Expect a full report next Wednesday. :-)

If by some cosmic conjunction of fate you find yourself attending PortCon between Friday and Sunday, below is the schedule of the games I’ve created and will be running this year:


Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to finishing these games! Take care!

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  1. I’m sad that I don’t live in the area and won’t get a chance to try to participate. Following what you’ve shared they all seem like they should be extremely entertaining. Good luck at the con!

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    1. Awe, if I had a TARDIS to lend you, I would so you could attend! Thank you so much for support and well-wishes… I think a lot of people will have a good time. I’ll post a big update about what happens next week! :-)

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    1. Thanks Ben! I did have a great time. :-) In attendance was one of only two people in the world who have ever finished the highly vaunted “Iron Game Master” competition with a perfect score, running his own games. After watching me in action several times he came over impressed and said I did, indeed, “Kick some major ass!” I was very humbled.

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