“Dost thou hast good tunes to wakest thine self this morn?”

“Thou dost now!”

An upbeat medieval music mix that I found recently and enjoyed! Perhaps a nice bit of inspiration for those of us that write European-medieval inspired stories or fantasy, particularly compared to the lower-tempo pieces that are more commonly found.


8 thoughts on ““Dost thou hast good tunes to wakest thine self this morn?”

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    1. So glad you enjoyed! I think that too often our perception of medieval music is colored by the fact that much of what that has survived was written for religious purposes or the formal upper classes. Then as now, common people enjoyed music too and had fun with it! And they were willing to pay musicians well enough that folks could make a living at it… Even if that literally meant singing for their supper!

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      1. Great point about how much of what was preserved was religious music. We get bits of livelier pieces in movies, but it’s fun to have the whole pieces. I love it that people are still producing this stuff :-)

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