‘Stranger Things’ (Fan-Art Poster) by J Caleb Design

Stranger Things is a Netflix original series that blends science and supernatural/horror fiction with thriller and mystery elements within a brilliantly executed early 1980s setting. I found it to be an extremely entertaining and compelling show, right to the end of the last episode! I think that the best way I can describe it, is as if Stephen King’s and Steven Spielberg’s early works had a love child… it would likely be Stranger Things. I highly recommend it… but I will warn you that it may induce binge watching as there are cliffhangers galore. ;-)

J CALEB DESIGN created this great piece of fan-art for the show in a cool retro style. I just had to share it! And author friends and readers… Mr. Caleb offers his talents for commissioned book covers as well! ;-)

'Stranger Things' (Fan-Art Poster) by J Caleb Design
‘Stranger Things’ (Fan-Art Poster) by J Caleb Design

7 thoughts on “‘Stranger Things’ (Fan-Art Poster) by J Caleb Design

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  1. Stories set in the 1980s are starting to coming out, aren’t they? It’s wierd to think that I lived those years, and still it gives me a stange sense of affection.

    I have never seen this series, but this poster looks awesome!!

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    1. It’s a really great show, I hope you like it when you get around to seeing it.

      It could be that Stranger Things marks a turning point for 80s based fiction. Perhaps the next ten years might see a revival, much as the 1980s saw a lot of nostalgia for the 1950s. I didn’t start “Vivian’s Last Cigarette” to cash in on a 1980s trend, but I won’t knock anything that might help folks to read my stories either! ;-)

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