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I first learned of movie director Sam Raimi and his Evil Dead series thanks to The Incredibly Strange Film Show in the early 90s. I am particularly fond of Evil Dead 2 and the third film in the series, Army of Darkness, released in 1993 during my senior year of high school.

Both Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness feature a unique blend of horror and comedy that ranges from the satirical to slapstick. Although Evil Dead 2 has more than its fair share of gore, it’s presentation is usually so over the top that that one’s reaction skips being shocked and jumps to laughter at its ridiculousness.

These films are very funny if you are a fan of monster/horror movies and fantasy. Although they were not enormous hits when released, they became cult favorite films not long after reaching home video. They also benefit from the phenomenally talented actor and comedian Bruce Campbell’s portrayal of series (anti)hero Ash Williams.

Campbell’s displays a mastery of physical comedy on par with Buster Keaton in these films. He’s simply a joy to watch in some externally well-choreographed sequences. In the clip I’m sharing today, –which for any still squeamish readers I’ll assure isn’t all that bloody– he provides an extended romp of slapstick in a haunted windmill that’s trying to possess him. Enjoy!