Flash Fiction: Henrys

Kate arranged the floating crystals in silence, coordinating with her translucent, other dimensional doppelgangers.

She saw young, blond Henry return to an alternate, twenty-year-old version of herself. Old, sweet Professor Henry was restored to his elderly Kate.

The dimensional alignment ended, but not before the dozens of Henrys and Kates were reunited. They all vanished in simultaneous embraces.

Except for middle-aged Kate, now alone in the cave.

She’d never had a Henry — never wanted one — but shed a joyful tear for the multiple incarnations of him now loving her heterosexual selves across multiple universes.

“Oh dear,” a woman said. “I got all the Kades home, but where’d you come from?”

Kate turned, startled.

Their eyes locked for a long time, then the blonde finally spoke again. “I’m… Henrietta.”

The two women smiled.





Copyright © 2019 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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