Whimsical Wednesday

Tales From The Book Dragon

5 Flames (Each)

Hello again, my Wonderful Whimsical Wyverns..today I bring you two small Gems of great power. Both able to fit into One’s palm, the color of a ripe pumpkin, not unlike Amber. These little Gems are a great delight for they are something one rarely sees anymore, unfortunately…stand alone short stories. Lovely. And the stories within are perfect for an Autumn night this time of year.

The Gem Cutter is a young man named Jason H. Abbott, remember that name, I have a feeling we shall be hearing more from him. He has tumbled and polished these little Gems to a high gloss. The first, Angel, is subtitled: A Short Story of the Un-dead. Melissa is the new girl in town and wants to make friends. Emily is a pretty blond cheer leader with a boyfriend named Roy. She is going to help Melissa by taking her to…

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