Flash Fictions: “Found you,” Death said to Mike.

[ n e c r o m a n c e r ], Animated Art by pricessofcubes. Click here for more of the artist’s work!
Outside the Forge

“Alchemist!” the king shouted outside the forge. “Where is the vampiric steel I paid for? Where are the weapons?”

The workshop door began to burn, then flew open. Glowing, molten metal gushed out like bubbling pudding.

It devoured a guard with vampiric hunger.


The boy spoke, amazed and terrified. “They call you a second stringer, but you’re my favorite monster…”

Under its jagged carapace, 60,000 tons of beaten, unconscious kaiju rasped a breath.

“Because you never give up.”

A truck-sized eye, opened.

“Not ever.”


Helen loaded the record cylinder.

“Hang on, don’t play it yet. This is Greek,” George said, inspecting the note.

He returned to the garden party, nose in a book. “Ah! It says, Dryad Song!

He found laurel trees. One in Helen’s dress.

The phonograph crank, stopped.


“Found you,” Death said to Mike.

The child flashed a grin under the hospital bed. “You always find me in hide and seek!”

“I find all.”

“It’s been 2 weeks. Is today Ally’s day?”

Death led him to Ally’s terminal ward. “She’ll be happy to be reunited with you.”

Small Malfunction

My teleporter failed and stripped my mass. I’m five inches of micronized woman on a peaceful island somewhere.

I make a knife out of a coral chip and explore now vast beaches.

I’m stunned meeting women my size.

“Are you new to Lilliput?” they ask.



Text is Copyright © 2020 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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