Flash Fictions 2: Failures and Upgrades

Moon Thief, Animated Art by minimoss. Click here for more of the artist’s work!


We made teenaged promises to marry after we awoke from stasis.

But the ship became damaged. My pod alone failed. Our promise keeps me going through a lifetime of repairs.

I open her cocoon at the colony.

“Who are you, old man?” she asks.

“A broken promise.”

In Time

I find her enjoying the concert encore of Killer Queen.

She’s not the professor I know. It’s fifty years ago. She’s young. She’s nerd pretty.

“Hello again, cute stranger!” she smiles.

I see the assassin behind the future mother of time travel.

“No!” I yell.


“I should have stopped listening to that charlatan after his first line!”

“His potion did protect you from my gaze…”

“By turning me into a dude medusa! I’m a monster!”

“And how!” she clapped. “Can you take off the shirt, hero?”

“Like this?”

“Oh! Yes-sss!”

Make It Go

“Engineer Snodd, the ship’s doomed without shields!”

“I’ll turn them off and on again, Captain.”


Snodd realized the obfuscation filter was down. “I’ll… disengage the primary power couplings to force a reset of the main deflector array!”

“Make it go!”


“It’s my end,” the toy robot unicorn says. “But you’re grown. It’s been an honor to teach y—”

He shorts out.

Her hands cut pink plush. A memory chip is taken and reinstalled.

A full-sized chrome robot unicorn powers on.

“Mistress! I begin anew!”



Text is Copyright © 2020 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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