Flash Fictions: They Came with Guns and Dreams of Empire

Punctual Confession

Exhausted, the accused made a request. “Paper.”

“A written confession of sorcery?” the Inquisitor said. “Certainly!”

He laboriously wrote his note, then the Inquisitor read it aloud.

“I. Confess. Each. Period. In. This. Note. Is. A. Small. Explosive. Rune—”

Boy Meets Girl

Heat wafts off flaming wreckage.

“Sorry about your giant robot,” the girl said. “I thought it was an alien invader.”

The boy scientist lifts his goggles. “Superpowers?”

“Are you my Lex Luthor now?”

He offers his hand. “Allies?”

She shakes. “Friends!”


“I’m going to go, before it affects our judgement,” he says.

“Stay,” she asks.

“That’s the virus talking.”

“I’m not in estrus yet. Soon we’ll be in a sex pheromone haze… but not yet.”


“Stay. We’re both lonely.”


“Stay. I love you, too.”


They come with guns and dreams of empire.

We come, nubile women, with wine and fruit.

Hungers are sated, surrender assumed.

We watch as cursed fruit is eaten.  Screams begin. We smile.

Seeds grow to trees within them. A terrible rending.

A conquistador grove.

Showdown on a Pagan Planet

Sister Margarete leveled her Crusader’s gun. “This pagan colony of sinners, must burn.”

“Not today,” Raven answered.

“An old Night Witch in a giant antique will not best the blood of saints!”

Raven’s 100-ton battle mech lunges. “Then why do you hesitate?”

John Williams Theme Not Optional

“I’m a rookie smuggler, but a good pilot!” Zani Tai yelled, barrel rolling the starship and dodging Imperial turbolasers. “And Bo-Chewkada earned Wookiee of the Year!”


Kajo sighed under his Mandalorian helmet. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”



Copyright © 2020 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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