Flash Fictions: Ravens Amid Ghosts and Heroes


The knight fought to keep his horse steady as the green dragon leaned closer.

“If you come compelled by greed or glory, you shall find only death,” she boomed.

“I seek a single scale,” he answered. “Shed in peace, of emerald hue, a symbol of grace and power.”

Rubber Band Man

The infiltrators opened the storage unit. There stood a statue of twisted rubber bands.

Holes for eyes, knives for fingers.

“Grab it,” one says. “It only moves and kills unseen!”

The lights go out. Blind in the dark, they hear the stretch-twang of rubber.


I meet a ghost in this rundown space.

Looks 20. She dresses like I did in the 80s. Suicide.

Company while the chemo destroys me.

One day she tells me she found her purpose: To be my friend.

They find my body. But we’re long gone.

Girls just wanna have fun.


Cars pass as a mantis-like robot paints a mural in the style of Monet.

A ‘bot like himself walks up.

“You a vet with their brain in a refurbished soldier drone too?” he asks.

She nods. “I hate it.”

“The V.A. sucks.”

“Can you paint my chassis? I love pastels.”


Doctors searched for a cure, a solution. But they were wrong. I watched the Corvid Virus take my son and wife, then myself.

“Dad, it ain’t so bad!”

“It’s for the birds,” I sulk, now a raven like they’d become. “What now?”

“We wing it!” my wife crows.



Copyright © 2020 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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