Flash Fictions: Just You and Me

Love’s True Kiss

Long awaited, a peck from the belle of the ball did nothing. The boar-man sighed abandoned.

The boar-maid cleaning up sheds a tear. Pressing snouts, they kiss.

Neither changes.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “Our curse can’t be lifted.”

“Then let’s just be in love.”

Lady Wolf

“Hello, Lady Wolf.”

“Hello, old King.”

His hand stroked her fur. “My people are valiant in spirit, but the foe is vast. We stand alone.”

“Not alone. I stand with you.”

He readied his sword. “My friend—”

“And my kingdom stands with me!”

The hills howled.

On Second Thought…

The trashman handed him a flamethrower.

The young man took it. “Isn’t this extreme? It’s a source of aggravation and inconvenience, but—”

“Last time I fought a vermin spirit, it sent 10,000 cockroaches up my buddy’s asshole.”

“Okay. How do I work this thing?”

Hey, Let’s Go

Satsuki nervously sang a childhood song. “Arukou… Arukou…”

David recognized the tune, but not the words.

“Watashi wa genki…”

The astronauts grasped hands reaching the destination of their critical spacewalk.

“Let’s go walk, just you and me…” he finished.

Their Prices are IN-SA-A-A-A-A-ANE!

Spaz leapt with his new Kanga-Robo legs. “Dan’s Deep Discount Cyber-Shop is the best!”

“For you,” PastePot grumbled. “They only had left legs in my size.”


“They installed one backwards to fit!”


“I’m walkin’ in circles here!!”



Copyright © 2020 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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