Flash Fictions: Leaving for Dreamland


Old Agnes checks email, then falls asleep beside her black cat.

She awakens in the forest, twenty-something.

“Matisse has reached the Finisterre cliffs,” she says to her panther.

“Long trip for a hook-up,” he says. “He’s worth it?”

Agnes nods. “At our age, one never knows when you’ll awake a permanent resident of the Dreamlands.”

With Apologies to Paulsen and LaMarche

They lay together, mouselike and child-sized after viral transformation.

Her fingers play on him. “Gee Brian, what do you want to do tonight?”

“The… same thing we do every night?”

His wife snuggles him. “Zarf!”

“Isn’t it, narf?

“Whatevs,” she smiles.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Leroy stalked closer, knife drawn. “Here chick, chick, chick…”

Paul caught sight of him. “What are you doing?!”

“Gettin’ us a chicken dinner.”

“You fool! Those are VELOCI-CHICKENS!! They’re like land piranhas!”

They swarmed, all talons and clucks.


Leaving the Office

Matt collects his stuff from the cubicle.

“I thought you’d only leave kicking and screaming,” Bill says.

He looks over Bill’s shoulder. “You don’t see things the way I do.”

Matt eyes the new boss as he leaves. Only he sees a corpse with orifices stitched shut.

Humble Valor

The space tug’s engines give a final flare. Unarmed and tiny, it pushes a billion-ton rock.

Dax fighters destroy the lone ship easily.

But the valor of her crew…

The momentum of the asteroid…

Cannot be stopped.

A battleship, rammed, explodes.



Copyright © 2020 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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